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News video games 18 February 2020, 22:59

author: Michael Kulakowski

First Gameplay from Land of War - Polish FPS Set at the Beginning of WWII

Developers from the debuting Polish studio MS Games published the first video journal, containing gameplay fragments from their upcoming shooter - Land of War: The Beginning, whose action was set in the first years of World War II.

We first learned about Land of War: The Beginning, prepared by the debuting studio MS Games, last year. Its devs have the ambition to create a classic and at the same time realistic FPS, presenting the course of the September 1939 campaign and the first years of the occupation, from the perspective of an ordinary Polish soldier. The devs have published the first developer's journal, in which they talk about the most important advantages of the title. The narration is accompanied by gameplay fragments and a presentation based on real locations where we will have to fight the invadinf Wehrmacht. The Land of War is due to launch later this year. For now, only a PC version is planned.

Land of War: The Beginning is a classic FPS, in the style of the first installments of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. The campaign, in which we play the role of a soldier of the Polish Army, intertwines real historical events with an original plot prepared by the developers. Land of War will focus on presenting many of the key events and battles from the beginning of World War II in Poland. The players will take part in the first battles of September 1939, they will also witness the bombing of Wieluń and the battle of Mokra. The next episodes of the campaign are to take place in 1940 and 1941. Developers attach great importance to the most realistic representation of Polish military equipment. Apart from standard weapons, we will get the chance yo uses some rare pieces of equipment, including prototypes and concept weapons, such as the Mors SMG, which we won't see in any other game available on the market. During the game we will also get a chance to drive various types of vehicles.

Most of the action of the game was set in Poland.
The levels were prepared based on real-life locations.
We'll drive various vehicles during the game.
  1. Land of War: The Beginning - official website
Land of War: The Beginning

Land of War: The Beginning

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