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News video games 05 December 2021, 19:29

author: Adrian Werner

Fortnite - The Rock, Chapter 2 Finale and Leaked Spider-Man Trailer

Another cataclysmic event ended the second chapter of Fortnite. Dwayne Johnson played an important role in it. Now players are waiting for the start of Chapter 3, and the first trailer for the next battlepass has been leaked online, showing the upcoming attractions.

The second chapter of Fortnite has come to an end. In the final event, the island was turned upside down and players landed in the sea, where they are now adrift, waiting for the start of a new stage.

According to an earlier leak, actor Dwayne Johnson played an important role in the event as The Foundation. The character has appeared before, but his face was hidden. You can see what the entire event looked like by watching the video below.

The current state of the map is not permanent and gameplay will resume soon with the start of the third chapter of Fortnite. For now, Epic Games has not revealed any details, but the trailer of the next Battle Pass, which shows some of the attractions offered by Chapter 3, has leaked online.

The trailer offers a look at the game's redesigned map and various Spider-Man skins, including a version in a black costume. Players will also get the chance to play as Marcus and Kait from the Gears of War. There will also be tents to store items for use in the next match. A fountain can also be seen regenerating the shield of nearby characters.

For now, we do not know when exactly Chapter 3 will start, but the break in the game is not likely to last for long, so we expect that the start of the third chapter is a matter of hours, not days.

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