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News video games 21 October 2020, 14:22

author: Paul Musiolik

Fortnite Update to Reduce Game Size by 2/3

The newest Fortnite PC update will significantly reduce the game's size. Epic Games Studio has managed to cut over 60 GB!

  1. The new Fortnite update will significantly reduce the size of the game.
  2. It will be released today.

With this new update Fortnite on PC will take up much less disk space. The patch, which should be released today, will weigh a little more than usual (about 27 GB), but will be significantly reduce the size of Fortnite.

Until now, Fortnite has occupied more than 90 GB of hard disk space. After today's update, the size of the game will decrease by 2/3 and will only require about 30 GB after installation. Epic Games Studio did not disclose how they managed to get rid of as much as 60 GB of content, but we can assume that a lot of duplicate files have been discarded and better data compression methods have been applied.

The update will also allow developers to prepare smaller patches in the future and shorten the loading times. Unfortunately, this is currently only applicable to the PC version – the console versions of Epic Games have not been taken into account.

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