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News video games 15 November 2019, 11:46

author: Bart Swiatek

Fortnite x Star Wars - Stormtroopers Invade Epic Games' Hit

A thematic event connected with the Star Wars universe has just begun in Fortnite. For now, the original Stormtrooper skin is available, but it cannot be ruled out that more prizes will be awarded.

Fortnite celebrates the launch of Jedi: Fallen Order with a special event.

Fortnite, a megahit created by Epic Games, has just begun its Star Wars universe event. This, of course, is related to today's launch of Respawn Entertainment's new game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The event was announced by means of a trailer, which is presented below.

As you can see, a skin of an original Stormtrooper can be acquired. We can buy it by traditional methods - in the shop inside Fortnite or by purchasing Fallen Order from Epic Games Store (if you consider whether to do it, we recommend that you read our review of the game). In the latter case, the code for the said cosmetic item will be given to us free of charge. The costume will be available by November 18.

It is worth to notice, that one more thing appeared in Fortnite - the Death Star. A powerful ship is hanging over the map and for now it is quite far away, but it cannot be ruled out that with time it will come closer and something new will happen - so keep an eye on additional prizes and opportunities, which may (but do not have to) appear in the next few days.

Stardestroyer at Fortnite. Source: LongJohnsYT.
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