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News video games 13 May 2022, 12:45

author: Adrian Werner

Future of Arma to be Revealed Soon; Gamers Want Arma 4

In just a few days Bohemia Interactive will reveal the future of the Arma series. Everyone expects the fourth part of the series, but it's possible that something more awaits us.

A big event for fans of tactical shooters is coming. Bohemia Interactive has announced a stream called "Future of Arma", during which details about the future of the brand will be revealed.

  1. The event will take place on May 17. The broadcast will start at 10 am PT.
  2. You can watch the stream on on Twitch.

Arma 4? Or maybe something more?

Fans are most looking forward to the announcement of Arma 4. Under twitter post announcing the event we see numerou messages from fans expressing such hope.

These speculations will most likely prove to be accurate. Soon it will be nine years since the release of Arma III, so it's high time to announce the sequel. Bohemia Interactive has long been showing footage recorded on the Enfusion Engine - a new technology, which is to power the team's games for many years, and it is practically certain that it will be used to build the fourth part of the series.

The day before yesterday a new screenshot showing the capabilities of this technology was shared by Marek Spanel from Bohemia Interactive. The picture shows Everon, the fictional island which appeared for the first time in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.

Arma platform?

On May 17 something more may be announced than just Arma 4. Twitter profile of the series has just changed its name to ArmaPlatform. This may suggest that there are plans to launch a platform revolving around the fourth installment of the series, where new content would be provided not only by Bohemia itself, but also partner studios. Such a move would not be a big surprise.

  1. Arma III has been actively developed for nine years, becoming almost a live-service game.
  2. Especially in recent years, paid add-ons created by the series' fan community and released as "Creator DLC" have been an important part of this support, including projects like Global Mobilization, S.O.G. Prairie Fire, Western Sahara or CSLA Iron Curtain.
  3. That's why we wouldn't be surprised if Bohemia intends to expand this kind of collaboration with third-party teams.

Similar solutions work well in the case of Digital Combat Simulator World or Microsoft Flight Simulator and we think that it would be similar with Arma 4.

  1. Arma 3 - official website
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