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News video games 13 May 2022, 12:47

author: Adam Adamczyk

Star Citizen - How to Remove Crimestat

Wanted status in Star Citizen can make the game much more difficult. From this guide, you will learn how to reset the crimestat and how to avoid offenses.

Source: YouTube | AlphaInfinity Tech

Star Citizen is currently one of the most extensive and popular space simulators. The game is full of advanced mechanics that not everyone can cope with, especially if you are just starting out with this game. An example is the problem with being wanted for various offenses. In this guide you will learn how to reset the crimestat.

Star Citizen - how to reset the crimestat

There are two popular methods to reset the crimestat. When a wanted status is imposed on you, other players will be able to hunt you down for a bounty. The first method is to simply let yourself be defeated. However, if you don't want to let that happen, you can choose a slightly more complicated way.

  1. Go to the Grim Hex, which is located on the station near the moon called Yela.
  2. In one of the rooms downstairs you can buy hacking chips. They are located in a glass display case.
  3. Buy a few and equip yourself with a hacking chip.
  4. Head to one of the three security stations. They are located near Cellin on Hurston and on Lyria.
  5. Find the hacking terminal and insert the chip. Players will then be notified of the hack and may try to defeat you.
  6. Sometimes the hacking will be interrupted and you will have to restart it, so stay close to the terminal. Once the hacking is complete, you will have to manually click on each offense to remove it. The more of them you have in your account, the longer the whole process will take.
Star Citizen - How to Remove Crimestat - picture #1
Chip showcase
Star Citizen - How to Remove Crimestat - picture #2
Hacking terminal

How do you avoid offenses?

Better to avoid trouble that to deal with them, so it is good to know what a player can be punished for in order to avoid risky situations. Crimestat can be received for:

  1. A parking infraction, i.e., failure to leave the helipad in a timely manner;
  2. Serious assault on a player or NPC;
  3. Unintentional killing of a player or NPC;
  4. Intentional killing of a player or NPC;
  5. Damaging or destroying station defenses;
  6. Possession or trafficking illegal goods.
Star Citizen

Star Citizen

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