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News video games 26 October 2020, 14:14

author: Musiol

Genshin Impact 1.1 Aims to Solve Resin Issue and Improve Quick Travel

The upcoming udapte for Genshin Impact is to fix the issue with Resin. However, it looks like this move from the devs may be insufficient.

  1. MiHoYo promises to change the Resin system with Genshin Impact's update to version 1.1.
  2. The patch will launch on November 11.

The devs at MiHoYo promise to partially fix the Resin problem in update 1.1 for Genshin Impact. In a post on the official website, which answered the community's most urgent, the team revealed what steps will be taken.

The patch for Genshin Impact will go live on November 11. A lot of new content will be added to the game with its release. Developers also promise to take care of the Resin, which is used to complete specific tasks in the game world. The players maximum capacity of this currency will be increased from 120 to 160, and the cost of launching a weekly Battle Pass task will be reduced from 1600 to 1200.

Immediately after this information there were voices that this is not enough and MiHoYo has no idea on how (or willingness) to deal with the problem. The calculations show that after increasing the Resin cap, it will take 21 hours (previously 16.5 hours) to refill out supply. This means people who play occasionally will not feel a significant difference.

In addition, the update will bring additional filters in the item list and an option to change the key layout. An item will be added that enables us to create our own teleports (which will make it much easier to travel quickly) and an icon that will help us identify which character has the artifact in question.

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