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News video games 15 October 2020, 21:22

author: Karol Laska

Genshin Impact Exploit Provides Full Stamina Recharge

One of the Internet users discovered a bug in Genshin Impact that makes the game much easier to play. It enables you to regenerate as much stamina as you want provided you are... in the water.

Genshin Impact is one of those games where almost every action is associated with a greater or lesser loss of stamina, which very often deprives players of the opportunity to get into some hard-to-reach places. Reddit user FlabbyToes solved this problem by using a rather strange bug to restore significant amounts of stamina.

But why "weird"? Because this exploit can only be used if two conditions are met. The first one is that we have to be in the water, and the second one forces us to go to the wall of a chosen cliff. If we meet both requirements, all we have to do now is jump towards the rock and perform an attack. Every time we do this, we regain a little stamina.With a bit of patience we can completely regenerate the stamina bar.

You can recharge stamina if you're swimming by a wall (dunno if this has been found out or if this is that useful) from r/Genshin_Impact

This bug will most likely be fixed as soon as it reaches the developers at MiHoYo. So if you don't feel bad about it, you can use it for a while. At least in emergency situations. Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PCs and PlayStation 4 and will appear on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

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