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News video games 10 October 2020, 20:42

author: Frozen

Genshin Impact Roadmap

MiHoYo revealed plans for further development Genshin Impact, the popular free open-world RPG. By the end of the year the title is to receive two more updates.

MiHoYo revealed a roadmap for Genshin Impact for the coming months. The first update, numbered 1.1, will be released on November 11 and will bring, among other things, the option of locking selected pieces of equipment (which would prevent accidental consumption of important items), as well as the possibility of healing without opening the inventory. The game will also receive a built-in bestiary and a new item to detect hidden chests and collectibles.

The next update, number 1.2, will bring a completely new mountain area. However, there is no indication of how big the upcoming region will be and whether it will contain the same elements and tasks as the two areas already in the game. Version 1.2 will be released on December 23, this year.

Devs at MiHoYo want to keep a distance of more or less six weeks between the updates, so the first new content in 2021 will be available only in early February. Version 1.3 will introduce an event - the celebration of traditional Chinese Lantern Festival.

Genshin Impact was released on September 28, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). In the future, the game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch console. The title is distributed in a free-to-play model.

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