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News video games 17 November 2020, 22:00

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Glitch in Spider-Man Miles Morales Turns the Hero Into a Brick

Rob Sheridan made an interesting discovery in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The American graphic designer experienced a bug that turned the main character into a brick.

Hero transformations into powerful but temporary forms are one of the most common themes in modern pop culture. While Marvel's comic book fans are no strangers to the concept, it is doubtful that even they were ready for the new transformation of one of the iconic heroes. Rob Sheridan - an American graphic designer known for his collaboration with Nine Inch Nails - managed to transform the main character of Spider-Man: Miles Morales into a brick. All it took was a collision with the wall of one of the buildings. Of course, he didn't fail to show off his accomplishment on Twitter.

It was probably Spider-Man's new face that caused panic among the criminals of virtual New York. A brick falling from a roof is one thing, but a brick able to web-sling itself on the said roof and drop on the villain (multiple times if it wishes so)? Pure horror. Unfortunately, like every powerful transformation, also this one turned out to be short-lived. Sheridan tried to fight as "Spider-Brick", but this resulted in him transforming into a white cube, and then the game crashed. Apparently, the power of the brick turned out to be too powerful even for Sony's new console to handle.

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