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News video games 10 November 2022, 11:37

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Check Out Interactive Maps for God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok has debuted on the market. On this occasion, we have prepared interactive maps with a lot of useful information for our readers.

The long-awaited release of God of War Ragnarok is now behind us. Sony's game - like its predecessor - offers an open and extremely extensive world, which is hard to explore on your own. That's why we have created a practical guide, containing everything that every player of Ragnarok should know. Of particular note are the interactive maps (photos below).

God of War Ragnarok - interactive maps:

  • Svartalfheim - is a map of the dwarven kingdom and the first location you will visit in the game (not counting the prologue).
  • Alfheim - here you will find a map of all areas of the kingdom inhabited by Dark and Light Elves.
  • Vanaheim - one of the largest interactive maps; in this kingdom you will visit the jungle, ruins, rivers and the area around the large crater.
  • Midgard - this map may seem familiar at first, but Midgard from GoW Ragnarok is different from the one found in the previous installment.
  • Niflheim - available soon.
  • Helheim - available soon.
  • Muspelheim - available soon.

The maps have been prepared to make it easier to find secrets and collectibles and to start optional activities. Taking advantage of them will be helpful in completing the main worlds in 100%, finding all available content.

Check Out Interactive Maps for God of War Ragnarok - picture #1


Check Out Interactive Maps for God of War Ragnarok - picture #2


Check Out Interactive Maps for God of War Ragnarok - picture #3


Interactive maps - what can we find in them?

The maps feature various types of markers, which symbolize things to find or complete.

  1. Common and legendary chests - finding yellow and red chests may earn you more loot. Legendary chests can store unique valuable items, such as new rune attacks or equipment for Kratos.
  2. Norn chests - each of them is associated with a riddle, e.g. requiring us to set some right runes. The rewards for opening these chests are very valuable - they are items with which you can permanently extend your health and rage bars.
  3. Mystic gates - thanks to interactive maps you can discover new fast travel points and thus make it easier for yourself to travel through the lands.
  4. Favors - analyzing maps will help you in finding places to start side quests in the game. They can have very valuable rewards and assume, for example, defeating an elite opponent or finding some treasure.
  5. Odin's Ravens - the maps mark the exact or approximate locations of finding ravens (some of them fly over the area all the time). By eliminating ravens you can open chests with valuable treasures - they are available in the land of Niflheim.
  6. Nectars of Yggdrasil - you can find nectars in worlds where the boat option is available. You can permanently increase selected stats of Kratos.
  7. Boss fight locations - interactive maps inform you, first of all, about the places to start duels with berserk souls - very strong optional bosses of the game. You can also learn about the arenas with other optional and mandatory bosses, as well as the rewards for winning them.
  8. Artifacts and World Knowledge - are varieties of secrets and collectibles. You can add entries about the world to the codex, while the artifacts can be sold in dwarven stores.

In addition, each marker from the interactive maps has a description. You can learn more about how to get to a particular find, or, for example, about a possible unique loot.

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