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News video games 01 November 2021, 11:35

author: Adrian Werner

GTA 6 in Trouble; Red Dead Redemption Remastered in the Works, Leaker Claims [UPDATED]

According to reliable rumors, Rockstar has big problems with GTA 6, and the project was recently rebooted. In addition, work is supposed to be ongoing on a new version of Red Dead Redemption, which is more than a simple remaster.


The new reports quickly became known, so another trusted leaker - Tom Henderson - took the floor. He explained that all the information provided are not new eaks, but only speculations and thoughts of Chris Liberty, who confirmed it himself shortly afterwards. The fact that the information was originally released in French probably helped a lot in creating this misunderstanding.

Previous message:

  1. According to a leaker GTA 6 was rebooted last year, so it's still in early development;
  2. Rockstar Games is preparing a refreshed edition of Red Dead Redemption which is more than just a remaster.

New rumors have appeared online, regarding upcoming Rockstar Games projects. Their source is Chris Liberty - a proven leaker followed on Twitter by both the studio itself and several of its employees. In the past, his leaks proved to be correct many times (e.g. he informed us a year in advance about Dan Houser's leaving the company), so it's worth paying attention to what he has to say this time.

GTA 6 - work is proceeding very slowly

According to Liberty, work on Grand Theft Auto 6 is going very slowly. Rockstar Games has had to repeatedly change the storyline and other elements of the game, with the development process being described as the most chaotic in the studio's history. The developers were to finally decide to reboot the project shortly after Dan Houser left the team, which happened early last year.

Initially, Rockstar Games was going to announce GTA 6 as early as 2020, but the project is currently in such an early stage of development that we'll have to wait a long time before it's revealed.

Keep in mind that all this information is just rumors, but it fits with what has been going on in recent years. The first reports about Grand Theft Auto VI appeared over four years ago, so the fact that the game hasn't even been announced until now suggests that the game has encountered major problems. In addition, many leaks from usually reliable sources have contained conflicting information, which may be due to the devs changing concepts. For example, it was first speculated that the map in the game will be smaller than in GTA 5 and then it was reported that it would be completely different.

Red Dead Redemption remaster like GTA The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

Liberty also claims that work is underway on a refreshed version of Red Dead Redemption. Rumors of this surfaced back in February of this year, but at the time only a simple remaster was mentioned. New reports suggest that the project will resemble the ambitions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, so instead of just a higher resolution, we'll get greatly improved graphics with many new elements and effects.

The leaker did not specify the project's target hardware platforms. Judging by the team's recent works, the production will hit both next-gen consoles and PCs, so most likely PC players will finally get a chance to play the first RDR.

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