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News Files and Mods 22 February 2023, 16:28

author: Wiktor Szczesny

Accio Masochism Mod for Hogwarts Legacy Ramps Up Difficulty

Those who have so far complained that Hogwarts Legacy is too easy - even on the hardest level - can rejoice. Accio Masochism is a set of mods, turning the popular game into a veritable hell.

Hogwarts Legacy undeniably received a lot of interest from the players. Over time, however, voices began to appear that the game is too easy - even on the hardest difficulty level.

To meet the expectations of these people, modder MBiggs2334 prepared a certain project. Accio Masochism is a set of modifications, turning a relatively easy game into a truly difficult challenge, requiring reflexes, skills and thinking.

The range of modifications

The modification pack for Hogwarts Legacy focuses on increasing difficulty in most key aspects. The pack consists of 14 mods that affect various elements of gameplay. MBiggs2334 made sure that Accio Masochism creates a downright masochistic experience out of the game, just like the name suggests.

Among other things, the mods change the behavior of enemies, complicate the economy or affect the spells.. In practice, this can mean, for example, a higher frequency of attacks from opponents or an increase in their stamina. The set is also supposed to slow down the pace of gameplay. All this is done so that the player begins to feel even more difficulty while going through the game.

Player reviews

Accio Masochism has already hit the web. On NexusMods there have been criticisms, saying, among other things, the consequences of the changes in the form of repetitiveness of some stages. The author decided to respond to the comments, saying that he will take these opinions into account during further work.

The modder also added that actions are being taken to increase the unpredictability of magic duels. We can therefore expect Accio Masochism to continue to develop and expand. In the future, it could be a project focused not only on significantly increasing the difficulty, but also taking care of a greater variety of gameplay.

A way to make your life more difficult

The set of mods for Hogwarts Legacy from MBiggs2334 is free. Accio Masochism can be implemented by moving selected files to the "/mod" folder in the game directory. In order to avoid a situation when the character's experience level is too low compared to the increased difficulty level, the developer suggests starting the game from scratch after installing the pack.

Importantly, you can install either all elements of the package or mods of your choice. This gives the player the choice of how hardcore they wants their game to be.

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