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News hardware & software 14 October 2020, 12:28

author: Bartlomiej Sagan

Hell Freezes Over as Doom Eternal Gets Launched on a Fridge

Doom fans are known for porting it to more and more ridiculous hardware. This time, the latest installment of the series was taken to the workshop, and it turns out you can easily run it on a refrigerator.

Players are used to messages telling them that somebody launched the original Doom on devices that clearly weren't designed for it. This time, the latest installment picked someone's interest, which, unlike the original game, will not run on a potato anymore. A man named Richard Mallard posted a video on YouTube, which shows him playing Doom Eternal on a fridge. He also showed that it can also run Battletoads, Forza Horizon 4 or Minecraft: Dungeons. All this thanks to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, specifically a component of this subscription that enables us to stream games from the service's library on, as it turned out, almost any Android device. Memes presenting Xbox Series X as a cooler definitely add some taste to his achievement.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to mention the series without information about another unconventional platform on which someboady managed to run its first installment. Doom runnin on a calculator is nothing new, but has anyone ever used potatoes to power this process before? This was done by youtuber Equalo, which cooked and cut into pieces about 45 kg of potatoes. Originally the experience was to show that the potatoes could generate enough electricity to play the iconic game on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Unfortunately, the minicomputer did not start up, hence the need for a calculator. Nevertheless, it was proven that Doom would run even on potato(es).

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