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News video games 09 December 2022, 23:35

Sony Follows Cyberpunk; Horizon Forbidden West DLC Not for PS4

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West will be released exclusively on PS5. The developer explained the reasons for this decision, while revealing a lot of information about the expansion.

Presented at The Game Awards 2022 gala, the trailer for the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West suggested that it would be released exclusively on PS5 - although the base game also came out on PS4. If you were hoping that this was a mistake or a hint that the DLC would debut on PlayStation 4 at a later date, I must disappoint you.

Director of the Horizon series, Mathijs de Jonge from Guerrilla Games, confirmed that Burning Shores will come exclusively to the PlayStation 5. Why?

"Burning Shores is an ambitious expansion that will take Aloy to the ruins of Los Angeles. It's an overgrown, dilapidated city, fully open to exploration - both (sub)water and air, on the back of the Sunwing. A formidable machine threat lurks in its shadows - an incredible challenge that Aloy must meet with all her skills. The realization of this grand vision technically and creatively made us make the difficult decision to focus all our efforts on creating the best possible experience for the PlayStation 5."

This is not the first time a developer has decided to abandon an 8th-gen platform in the course of developing its work. Not to look far - a similar action was taken by CD Projekt Red, when announcing the Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, Mathijs de Jonge revealed that the storyline ofBurning Shores will begin immediately after the events of Horizon: Forbidden West. Aloy will set out for the wild, ruined Los Angeles, which is now a volcanic archipelago rather than a city. This area - located south of the territories occupied by the Tenakth clan - is expected to be full of dangers, but the protagonist will meet many new characters on her way who will help her in this new adventure.

Horizon: Forbidden West - Burning Shores will be released on April 19, 2023 on PS5. More information about it is expected to revealed soon.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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