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News video games 17 September 2021, 20:24

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Humankind Patch Adds City Sieges Using Fleets

Today, Humankind received patch Along with it - in addition to numerous fixes and changes to the balance - the game gained a long-awaited feature. It is the ability to siege cities with naval units.

Released in late August, Humankind turned out to be a good 4X strategy and a worthy rival to the sixth installment of Civilization. Developers from Amplitude didn't avoid some bugs, but after the launch, they give off the impression that they can fix their game. Today, they released another patch - bearing the number In addition to many more or less important changes in the balance or interface, the patch also introduces a function, which was missing on the release day. It is the ability to siege cities with naval units.

Let me explain. Posts used to capture new areas can be set up even on small islands. Over time, these will grow into thriving metropolises, and then other players may want to take them over. Up until now, this has only been possible if the island was large enough to support a ground force - for some reason it was not feasible to lay siege with a fleet. This update fixes this obvious bug.

The full list of changes made to Humankind by patch can be found here. Certainly worth noting is the increase in global pollution thresholds, as well as other improvements to the mechanics.



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