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News video games 16 February 2021, 14:00

author: Ness

Huge Patch 2.0 Inbound for Imperator Rome

Paradox Interactive does not give up and tries to breathe second life into Imperator: Rome. Today will see the release of an update that revamps the interface, troops and technology, among other things.

Today, the long-awaited update to one of Paradox's strategy games, Imperator: Rome, will be released. The so-called Marius Update brings big changes both in gameplay and in the game's appearance.

Version 2.0 of the game is, above all, a completely new interface, which has been redesigned and dressed in new visuals. Imperator: Rome will alse feature a new tooltip system (an interface element displayed after hovering over the related thing, e.g. a hyperlink), which debuted in Crusader Kings III. In addition, the patch will introduce other mechanics related to the military. The old system of recruiting armies has been replaced with a new one, allowing for enlistments from provinces and recruitment of legions. Military traditions have also been significantly modified. In the latest version it will be possible to spy on characters from other nations to learn about their financial condition and the number of their troops.

Huge Patch 2.0 Inbound for Imperator Rome - picture #1
Developers from Paradox do not give up and want to breath a second life to the game.

Together with the patch, the new DLC Heirs of Alexander is made available, which will introduce a new mission tree for the Diadochs, i.e. Alexander the Great's successors, as well as honor and dishonor mechanics for created legions. Players will also be able to design their own wonders thanks to the expansion.

Huge Patch 2.0 Inbound for Imperator Rome - picture #2
In addition to the cultural value, self-designed wonders of the world will bring significant benefits to the nation.

You can read about all the changes that will be implemented in the latest update on the official forum of Paradox. The DLC will be available on Steam,, Microsoft store and Paradox Plaza.

Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome

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