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News hardware & software 09 January 2020, 14:33

author: Adrian Werner

In 2019 79% of Japanese Console Market Belonged to Nintendo

Thanks to Famitsu, we have learned the scale of Nintendo's domination on the Japanese market. As many as 76% of the consoles sold last year were models from the Switch family.

Nintendo is the undisputed leader of the Japanese console market.

Famitsu published some interesting data from the Land of the Rising Sun. It turns out that as much as 76% of the consoles sold last year in Japan were various Nintendo Switch models. After adding 3DS, the company's total market share was 79%.



Number of units sold in 2019

Share in console sales in 2019:

Total sales in Japan so far:


Nintendo Switch

4 494 903


11 383 449


PlayStation 4

1 196 153


8 748 243


Nintendo 3DS

191 173


24 496 137


PlayStation Vita

37 668


5 853 022


Xbox One

8 315


111 246

Out of modern consoles, only 3DS has a larger user base in Japan than Switch, but the sales results show that players are switching massively to Nintendo's new platform.

Of course, Xbox One, whose last year's sales amounted to a little over 8.3 thousand copies, is doing the worst.

Last year, 4.68 million copies of Nintendo consoles were sold in Japan. It was the best result ever.

Let us recall that Nintendo Switch debuted in March 2017. In September last year, the Switch Lite model was released, characterized by its smaller dimensions. According to rumors, in the middle of this year the Pro variant will be released, which is supposed to offer stronger components, allowing for playing in 4K.

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