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News video games 21 January 2022, 14:24

author: Miriam Moszczynska

In Five Years, 90% of Games Will be Play-to-earn, Says Reddit Co-founder

If the vision of making money while playing games sounds like a dream to you, you'll have to wait another five years for it to come true. At least that's what one of Reddit's founders, Alexis Ohanian, thinks.

  1. Alexis Ohanian shared his perspective on how the gaming industry will evolve in the next five years;
  2. He predicts that blockchain-based play-to-earn games will become commonplace during that time.

One of the founders of Reddit shared his opinion on the future of the video game industry and the play-to-earn genre taking shape in the Where It Happens podcast. Alexis Ohanian predicts that within five years gamers will start "pricing their time correctly," meaning nothing less than being able to make money by playing.

This rather controversial and bold prediction appears in the video above in the penultimate time slot titled "5 year predictions from Alexis". Ohanian states there that:

"90% of people won't play games if it's not properly appreciated. [...] Instead of being assaulted by ads, or wasting money on hammers that you don't actually own [reference to Candy Crush Saga - ed,], you're going to be playing some blockchain-based game that's just as much fun and also enables you to make money, instead of being the person someone is making money off of."

Of course, such a scenario is possible, although we may have doubts about the time frame of this vision. Games based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are currently a niche. The biggest topic this context is Legacy from Peter Molyneux. Although it is worth noting that the latest work of the creator of Fable has already earned quite a large sum at the beginning, as much as 40 million pounds. This was made possible by the sale of Land NFTs - tokens that enable us to join the game.

Of course, we can not expect and assume that every game will follow in Legacy's footsteps. Even now a completely different approach is presented by Ubisoft with its Quartz platform or Konami selling NFTs related to the Castlevania series.

We also know that not all developers are willing to get involved in the cryptocurrency market. A recent report compiled by GDC organizers shows that 70% of game developers are not interested to introduce NFTs in their games. Among the opponents of this technology we can also find Josef Fares or the Steam platform.

What will it actually be like in five years? Time will tell, and if Alexis Ohanian's predictions come true, you can definitely congratulate him on his clairvoyant abilities.

  1. Where It Happens podcast channel
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