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News video games 03 September 2019, 23:28

author: Christian Pieniazek

Long Gameplay From Planet Zoo Focuses on Animal Care

Frontier Developments has published a long gameplay from Planet Zoo. This time the devs focus on the challenges waiting for the players in terms of animal care.

Just over two months before the launch of Planet Zoo, Frontier Developments presented a long gameplay from the game. On the video material with commentary by four representatives of the studio we can not only take a closer look at the game but also see the new biome (savannah) and theme of a zoo (which is the Indian subcontinent).

Before we invite you to the screening, we would like to remind that Planet Zoo will be coming to PC on November 5; the players who submit pre-orders for Deluxe Edition will be able to take part in closed beta-tests of the title, which will last from September 24 to October 8.

In Planet Zoo, our primary goal will be to take care of the animals living in the zoo. However, even if we seem to have everything worked out, from time to time we will have to face various problems; our animals will run away from their paddocks, badly react to too high or too low temperature or even get upset at the sight of tourists (in such a case, special glass should do the job).

As people will pay for visits to our zoo (and the more wealthy our wallet is, the better the place we can make for our animals), we will also have to remember about their tastes (and therefore about the decoration or presence of all kinds of conveniences). Despite the fact that it all sounds quite complicated, the task will be facilitated by extensive (although transparent) statistics and various filters presenting, for example, irrigation of paddocks or the temperature on them.

Finally, it should be noted that Planet Zoo shines thanks to the excellent graphic design. Particularly noteworthy are the detailed animals, which can be watched closely at any time.

A happy animal is a nice animal, and people will pay for the opportunity to see nice animals.... which will allow us to develop our zoo and buy new animals.
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Planet Zoo

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