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News video games 29 March 2023, 13:31

author: Jakub Tarchala

Major Exploit Discovered in Diablo 4 Beta; Fans Seem Resigned

A youtuber discovered an exploit in the Diablo IV beta that enables you to perform much faster attacks than the developers intended. A large part of the fan base - surprisingly - seems to be... resigned.

Open beta of Diablo 4 has come to an end, and while Blizzard has managed to introduce the first patches, it hasn't kept curious players from encountering new bugs, including some serious ones.

Attacks faster than ever before

One of the glitches was demonstrated by letsplayer RaizQT on YouTube.

  • The youtuber found a way to speed up attacks of each character by 30%.
  • The trick is to simultaneously click the attack button and hold the movement key. This way the attack animation is interrupted, enabling you to deliver a faster follow-up blow.

The video below (starting at 1:34 minutes) shows the use of this method during the game.

The video demonstrates the trick on the Rogue class, which by default has the ability to throw three blades at short range. According to the youtuber, it takes 3.42 seconds to perform 10 attacks under normal conditions, but with the trick they managed to get the time down to 2.37 seconds. This means an increase in DPS (damage per second) by as much as 30%. The trick works on any character, but the number of DPS gained this way can vary depending on the skill.

Fans are resigned to the mistake

Fans in the comments under the video and on Reddit are obviously not happy about the existence of such exploit in the game, and yet one can sense that a good portion of them do not expect Blizzard to fix the problem until the game's release.

"It won't be fixed on release day, or maybe even never. It seems to me that you are forgetting who is making the game," notes Dyidaz

"In Diablo III Reaper of Souls the Wave of Power skill in the Sorcerer class could also be canceled in a similar way, but was not fixed until 4 months later. I can imagine that this will be resolved at some point, but who knows when...," comments Shaiandra

There has also been no shortage of ridicule, suggesting that the error was a deliberate mechanic.

"It's a deliberate compromise between developing the wrist channel [muscles - editor's note] and getting more DPS. It works perfectly as Blizzard intended," jokes Espe.

Diablo IV - will the king return to the dusty throne?

The launch of the open beta was not easy, mainly due to long queues and Diablo series' iconic error 316719 (related to server instability). Despite this, players who succeeded seemed to not drip with optimism compared to the the delight accompanying the closed beta. The biggest bane of the beta was technical problems and enemy level scaling.

In the end, despite the pains, most fans seem to be satisfied with the direction taken by Blizzard with Diablo IV. We're curious to see what the game will look like at launch.

Diablo 4 will debut on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on June 6, this year.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

He started by producing content on YouTube in 2020, but eventually found out writing was his real jam. He set up a modest blog where he published video game reviews, and two years later combined his work with his hobby and started writing for Gamepressure. He loves Terry Pratchett's offbeat sense of humor and the philosophical mysteries of the universe embedded in Stanislaw Lem's novels. He enjoys watching comedies and horror movies. He has a profound affection for the Stalker universe (electronic, written, and pasted). In his spare time he plays guitar and collects Marvel cards.


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