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News video games 30 August 2020, 22:51

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Marvel's Avengers - Details on Free DLC and Microtransactions

Square Enix has published an article on the post-release DLC for Marvel's Avengers. The new characters along with story content will be made available for free, but the players will also receive an option to buy a premium pass.

The new heroes in Marvel's Avengers will be available for free.
Key information:
  • New superheroes, areas, missions and story content will be made available for free;
  • For a thousand credits (about $10) we will be able to purchase a premium pass that will give us access to additional challenges and prizes;
  • Winning all 40 levels of rewards will give us back a thousand credits spent on a premium pass;
  • In addition to this, we will be able to spend virtual currency at merchants and in-game market. In both cases, the offer will change every day or every week.

Recent beta tests of Marvel's Avengers have given us a good idea of what Crystal Dynamics' superhero game will look like. However, one burning issue remained - in-game payments and post-release content. This is what Square Enix's extensive article is devoted to. The publisher discussed Hero Challenge Cards, i.e. content packs with new heroes, among others. Each of them will introduce one hero together with 40 levels of challenges (free and paid), for the completion of which we will receive prizes related to the character. These will include a variety of cosmetic elements such as outfits, emotes and finishers, but we will also receive resources and in-game currency.

Fans of customization are unlikely to complain.

Hero Challenge Cards will also bring with them new missions, areas and threads, and all this together with new heroes will be available for free. However, some challenges (and therefore prizes) will require the purchase of a premium pass. We will pay a thousand credits for this one, which, when we buy 500 credits for $5, gives us $10. We note that we still do not know how the prices of credits (available in packs of 500, 2 thousand, 5 thousand and 10 thousand) will be calculated in particular regions. We will also be able to spend the virtual currency in the game store or at merchants associated with the story, every day or every week offering different equipment for superheroes.

Interestingly, if we complete all the challenges for a given hero, the game will refund us the thousand credits spent on Hero Challenge Card. Square Enix also announced that all the prizes for the six starter characters will be unlocked for free from day one. There will also be no time limit, as is the case with battle royal passes. Once we have purchased the Hero Challenge Card, we will be able to spend as much time aswe like to unlock the extras (although impatient players will be able to purchase faster progress to subsequent levels of rewards). It was also emphasized that the additional content will be purely cosmetic in nature and will not affect the gameplay.

The publisher did not fail to indicate that the total value of content to be unlocked within each DLC will be 12.5 thousand credits. However, before we can afford to buy Hero Challenge Cards, we will have to find out how the basic version of Marvel's Avengers works. The game will be released on September 4 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and later on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the users are playing around with Crystal Dynamics' game and deepfake technology. And let's also recall that Crystal Dynamics has prepared a huge day-one patch, which will be mandatory to download.

Last update: 2020-08-30

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