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News video games 11 December 2020, 15:37

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Reviews on Steam Have no Chill

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is now available on Steam. Unfortunately, although the users of the platform noticed the game's potential, they consider the game to be very wanting.

If video games were judged by their size (even if only during installation), the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond would undoubtedly be in the forefront. Unfortunately, instead of that, video games are looked upon through the prism of such insignificant criteria as playability, visuals and refinement level. The latter may be the reason why the new Medal of Honor did not appeal to the handful of Steam users who had the opportunity to check the game in action. At the time of writing this text, the game was rated by 96 users of the platform and only 31% of them left a positive opinion.

Although the number of available reviews is modest so far, many buyers have posted extensive comments with their ratings. Basically, the problems of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond can be summarized in three words: it is raw. Most users state that the title had (or still has) potential worthy of an AAA production, and it can be seen that the creators have put a lot of work into their work.

Unfortunately, in its current condition, the game is plagued by a ton of problems, be it actual bugs or other shortcoming. Graphically, it's not bad or, maybe even nice, but there are a few issues (for example, "dead", non-moving eyes). What's worse, the optimization of the game is poor, even after taking a correction for the fact that this is a VR production. Speaking of which, Respawn Entertainment has not been tempted to add the virtual reality improvements present in many newer games, for example those related to smooth movement. As a result, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond sometimes looks like a VR game from a few years ago. No praise was given to the online mode, mainly because - according to some users - in many ways it looks like an alpha version.

It should be noted that the game performs slightly better in industry reviews, with the average on Metacritic being 75/100. Of course, with six reviews it is difficult to take this value seriously, especially since even in most of the more optimistic texts the authors point out "minor problems" like poor optimization or inconsistencies in interactions with objects. In other words, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has a chance to be another title to make it worth investing in VR, but not yet. It all depends on whether Respawn Entertainment will work on the game and eliminate (or at least clearly alleviate) the game's provlems.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

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