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News video games 07 December 2020, 21:52

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Install Needs Over 300 GB of Space

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond has a good chance to earn the title of the biggest game of the year. Quite literally, because to install Respawn Entertainment's new work we will need over 300 GB of disk space.

The upcoming Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond can easily be considered a spi-off to this renowned cycle. After all, we're talking about a game using virtual reality technology, and such games are usually associated with various few-hour (or less) titles or "VR experiences", not - as in this case - a full-fledged FPS with a story campaign and online mode. And certainly not with one that would take up 170 GB of disk space and need double the amount for installation, thus being one of the largest video games of 2020.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond recommended system requirements:

  • CPU: Intel i7 9700K or better
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 or better
  • RAM: 16 GB (DDR4)
  • Storage: 170 GB of free space (340 GB to unpack files, SSD recommended)
  • Other: virtual reality set (Oculus Rift, Steam VR)

The above information was provided, among others, by Polygon, and it comes from a guide for reviewers received by the American website's editorial staff. It was also confirmed by Mike Doran from Oculus Studios on Reddit. For comparison: Half-Life: Alyx needed only 68 GB of disk space, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, 150 GB, and the latest Call of Duty requires 175 GB of free space (without Ultra RTX textures). In the case of the latter, its size aroused widespread displeasure and things will probably be no different for the new Medal of Honor. Especially since the space required for installation outbids the requirements of the Cold War CoD, even with additional files for Ultra RTX settings. As a consolation, the game updates will not need that much free space (via Polygon).

It's not clear why Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond needs so much disk space, especially during installation. One indication may be the situation with the first Titanfall. The game took up 21 GB of free disk space on PC, but during the installation, more than twice as much space was needed. The reason for this were uncompressed audio files, which weigh as much as 35 GB. It was a deliberate move by Respawn Entertainment, which - as Eurogamer informed - was to relieve system resources. The idea was that the processor would not have to be responsible for unpacking the archived audio data, which would burden weaker computers with dual-core CPUs.

Is there a similar philosophy behind this case, after more than six years and the debut of next-gen CPUs? The answer can be found after the release and access to game files. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will debut on PC on the night of December 11. If you want to see what the production looks like in advance, Mike Doran has shared new gameplay footage on Reddit.

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