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News video games 12 December 2018, 12:20

author: Aquma

Median XL Sigma: an upcoming update to a giant Diablo 2 mod

At the beginning of next year, the large Diablo II mod will get a new version, dubbed Sigma. The update will bring the age-old title to a modern engine, allowing developers to improve and expand it.

Median XL Sigma: an upcoming update to a giant Diablo 2 mod - picture #1
Diablo II lives forever.

The creators of the Median XL mod for the legendary hack'n'slash Diablo II from Blizzard Entertainment have announced that their work will soon see a major update, entitled Sigma. The patch will bring a completely new engine, allowing higher resolutions and removing many limitations of this age-old title.

The list of improvements offered by the modification includes e.g. a bounty system, which resembles the solution known from Diablo III, new locations (the new engine allows you to add more areas to the game, instead of just replacing the existing ones), and enhanced inventory. The update will also allow you to automatically pick up gold (by simply passing over it, without clicking) and filter the visibility of loot dropping from slain enemies. The developers will also be able to add temporary events to the game.

All the aforementioned things will be added to the features already offered by the current version of Median XL – among them new skills and items for each class, an extensive crafting system, improved online features and vast end-game content (i.e. after completing the game on all difficulty levels).

Median XL: Sigma will debut on January 19. Perhaps the updated mod will improve the mood of Diablo fans, for whom the end of this year definitely wasn’t a highlight after the failed BlizzCon and the controversies surrounding the announcement of the mobile Diablo Immortal.

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