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News video games 19 June 2021, 17:31

author: Paul Musiolik

Metro Exodus is Uglier on PS5, but It Runs Better Than the XSX Version

Comparison of Metro Exodus graphics on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S shows the advantage of Microsoft's console in terms of image quality. The game on Sony's console runs smoother.

  1. Digital Foundry editors tested the image quality and performance of Metro Exodus on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S;
  2. On Sony's console the game is uglier, but offers a more stable frame rate.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition offers higher resolution on Xbox X Series, but runs better on PlayStation 5. The Digital Foundry team tested the version for next-gen consoles and came to some interesting conclusions.

Studio 4A Games put a lot of effort into improving Metro Exodus on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Not only has a well-functioning ray tracing been implemented, but the overall quality of objects and visual effects has been improved, load times have been significantly reduced and, most importantly, the game's performance has been bumped up to 60fps (even on the weaker Xbox S Series).

On PS5 Metro Exodus runs at a resolution range of 1296p - 1512p, which allows for more stable gameplay. The Xbox version has a problem with this, although it offers better image quality (the game runs, depending on load, in the 1512p - 1728p range). Other than that, there are no major differences in image quality. The only thing that might be puzzling is that the PlayStation 5 release has more saturated colours and, unfortunately, problems with black levels that leave many areas too dark.

In terms of loading times, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions show a significant difference, the new releases are worse than the PC version. Of the PS5 - Xbox Series X duo, it's Microsoft's console that offers slightly shorter load times.

Digital Foundry editors note that regardless of the console, the improvements made by 4A Games developers are very impressive. So if you needed any extra incentive to check out Metro Exodus this is the best you're going to get.

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