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News hardware & software 26 May 2021, 13:06

author: Eklerek

Microsoft Announces Next-gen Windows

Satya Nadella described the upcoming system update as the most important in a decade. What's in store for Microsoft's „next-gen Windows”?

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, announced more novelties in Windows during the Build 2021 conference. As reported by The Verge, the new release is expected to bring big changes for developers and creators, offering them better ways to share and monetize their apps. Engadget suggests that developers will be given the option to use third-party payment systems for in-app purchases, which would enable devs to avoid paying commissions. The Redmond giant promises developers "an innovative new open platform". This means a revolution in the Microsoft Store is coming, the details of which we will get to know soon.

Nadella has personally tested the new features over the past few months and is visibly excited to talk about a "new generation of Windows". According to Microsoft's boss, the upcoming update is one of the most important of the last decade, which can be understood as a comparison to the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8, which was released in October 2012. Microsoft then gave in to the fashion for touch screens and tried to convince users of this rather controversial interface. Comparing the upcoming news to those changes may be risky, but in fact update 21H2 called "Sun Valley", scheduled for October or November 2021, will contain significant modifications.

In addition to the aforementioned changes in the store, the interface will be rebuilt - there will be many rounded corners and "floating" start menu, we'll also say goodbye to the outdated icons. All this will be the culmination of an extremely active 2021, in which we got the weather widget, Flash Player was removed from the system, and on June 15, last but not least, Internet Explorer will disappear. The Microsoft CEO's use of the term "next-generation Windows" instead of simply Windows 10 may suggest that this isn't the end of the changes and we'll get a significantly modified system in the fall. In July 2021 it will be 6 years since the release of Windows 10. Apparently, Microsoft has decided that it is high time for changes.

It's hard to judge now whether the planned Windows update will actually be the biggest of the last decade. It will certainly be one of the most noticeable in everyday use due to changes in the appearance and behavior of the interface. Android will undergo a similar metamorphosis in the fall, which will introduce significant visual changes in version 12. The second half of 2021 promises to be extremely interesting.

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