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News video games 26 May 2021, 12:43

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's Most Popular Companions Data Revealed

The presence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Steam has enabled us to gather some interesting data. We now know who is the most liked crew member, how many players engaged in romances and what was used most often in battle.

  • Achievements from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition revealed that Tali is the most player-loved member of the Normandy crew;
  • The most popular skills were those involving the use of biotics;
  • So far, the first part of Mass Effect has been completed by 33% of players.

With the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition behind us, we can slowly start taking a look at the decisions players made in BioWare's RPG. It's trivially easy, as many of the games' key choices are tied to specific achievements on Steam. So we can easily check out any issues we're interested in.

One of the first things we learned is that Tali is the most liked member of the Normandy crew. Over half of players (55%) have taken the Quarian on a minimum of 5 missions. Second in comes Garrus who also participated in a minimum of 5 quests for 52.4% of players. As with the original release, the least popular team member in the first installment is probably Kaidan, who was chosen so often by only 33.8% of players.

We also know how many people have so far completed the entire storyline of the first Mass Effect. The end credits were seen by 33% of players. Interestingly, a significant portion of this group are also very engaged in the gameplay. 20.8% of the game's owners have unlocked the Perfectionist achievement, which involves completing most of the activities available in the game (unfortunately, we do not know what percentage is involved).

The achievements also paint a clear picture of which character classes were more popular among the players. Most of them chose the path of a biotic instead of the less exotic roles of a regular soldier or engineer. Another interesting stat is the number of players who have already managed to get into romantic relationships with crew members. At this point, there are slightly fewer of them than all people who have completed the game (26.8%).

The number of achievements data drops with the next part of the trilogy. This is not unusual considering that the game has only been available since May 14. Most of the players probably haven't managed to get that far yet. Nevertheless, the second installment was completed by 8.8% of users. In the case of the last installment it is only 1.4% at this point. There were also some lunatics who managed to complete all three games on the highest difficulty level. However, there were not many of them (0.1%).

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