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News video games 05 October 2019, 20:04

author: Michael Kulakowski

Ms. Marvel Joins the Playable Cast of Marvel's Avengers

During New York's Comic Con, it was announced that Ms. Marvel will join the playable cast of Marvel's Avengers. The character, who only made her debut in comic books a few years ago, will help the Avengers rebuild their strength after the defeat and organize revenge for the death of Captain America.

This weekend, the NYCC Convention is held in New York City, traditionally attracting tens of thousands of comic book, game and film fans, as well as representatives of the biggest players in the entertainment industry. During the event, Crystal Dynamics shared new information about the upcoming superproduction of the team - Marvel's Avengers, which will debut on May 15, next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We found out that the already known playable cast of the title (Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man) will be joined by teenage Kamala Khan, under the pseudonym Ms. Marvel. On this occasion, the devs also published two new trailers of the title, presenting gameplay footage with the new heroine in action, as well as cutscenes with her participation.

In the game, Ms. Marvel is an avid Avengers fan and was present at the tragic opening ceremony of the group's new HQ in San Francisco, where Captain America died. As a result of the disaster, she was exposed to a terrigenous cloud, which awakened the powers of Inhumans lying dormant inside her. Thanks to them he can freely increase and stretch her body, and is endowed with superhuman strength. However, she must hide her abilities from the mysterious Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) organization, which is the source of Avengers' problems.

During the story campaign set a few years after the tragic events of the game's prologue, Kamala will make contact with Bruce Banner and try to convince him to reactivate the Avengers by providing him with evidence that AIM was behind the San Francisco disaster. According to the developers, the energetic and extremely optimistic MS. Marvel will provide contrast with the torn and discouraged superheroes who cannot accept the death of Captain America. During the game, players will be able to use the heroine's unique powers, which focus on various forms of hand-to-hand combat.

Ms. Marvel and the other Avengers will try to oppose the AIM organization.

Ms. Marvel made her comic book debut only in 2013. After gaining a lot of popularity among readers, a few months later she received her own series, published to this day. Kamala inherited her heroic nickname from Carol Danvers, who at the same time became Captain Marvel. Her adventures are largely confined to her hometown of New Jersey, where she fights minor villains and ordinary criminals, and tries to reconcile the "work" of a hero with the life of an average teenager.

Disney announced that Ms. Marvel will also receive her own TV series in the coming years.
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