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News movies & tv series 30 December 2019, 23:14

author: Agnes Adamus

Netflix's Witcher Among Most Popular Titles of 2019

The end of the year is a time for summaries. Therefore, Netflix has provided lists of the most popular productions from several countries. It follows that The Witcher has become very popular around the world. The series ranked first in the Polish, Austrian and German rankings.

The Witcher series turned out to be a hit on a global scale.

The list of the most-watched productions released by the streaming platform shows that the show based on Andrzej Sapkowski's prose, did well not only in its homeland, but also made it to the top of rankings in over 10 countries around the world.

The Witcher was particularly well received in Austria and Germany, where it ranked first on the list of the most popular productions of 2019. It also performed slightly worse in Belgium, Singapore, France, and Thailand, reaching second place in the ranking.

The Witcher on the lists of the most popular productions on Netflix in 2019

  1. Austria - 1st place
  2. Germany - 1st place
  3. Belgium - 2nd place
  4. France - 2nd place
  5. Singapore - 2nd place
  6. Thailand - 2nd place
  7. Switzerland - 3rd place
  8. Israel - 3rd place
  9. South Korea - 3rd place
  10. South Africa - 3rd place
  11. Brazil - 4th place
  12. Netherlands - 6th place
  13. Philippines - 6th place
  14. United States - 6th and 2nd place on the list of the most popular TV shows
  15. Italy - 7th place
  16. Turkey - The Witcher was not on the main list, but was ranked 3rd place on the list of the most popular TV shows

It is worth mentioning that The Witcher debuted on the Netflix on December 20. The series has met with mixed opinion, having received 59% of positive critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The community of the website looked at the adaptation more favourably and at this point 93% of users recommend this production.

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