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News video games 03 July 2020, 12:10

author: Adrian Werner

Outriders - New Gameplay and Fresh Info

Yesterday, a second stream devoted to Outriders, the shooter developed by People Can Fly, took place. We saw a new gameplay and learned fresh details about the gameplay structure, game length and pyromancer class.


As announced, yesterday evening a broadcast focused on Outriders (recording above) took place, during which a lot of fresh details about the shooter from the Polish studio People Can Fly were revealed. The stream was divided into several stages, which were later also made available as separate videos.

World structure and mission types

The game world will be divided into independent hubs inhabited by NPCs (mainly colonist settlements), which will be surrounded by battle arenas and areas for free exploration. In the hubs, the characters will store their weapons, use the services of traders and talk to the residents, Here we will also take orders. These places are to change as the plot develops, offering new adventures and events. In addition, the NPCs will respond to our achievements.

Outside the city walls we will use a powerful truck, which can be highly customizable. It will act as a moving village, offering access to options typical for hubs (e.g. traders).

Outriders will offer a main storyline and numerous side missions. The latter will scale up with the level of our hero, both in terms of difficulty and rewards. Thanks to this, early challenges will not become useless and it will be worth to return to them at later stages.

The side tasks will not be just short tasks, taking place in the same areas as the main plot. Instead, they are to be longer adventures set in new locations. As an example, the devs showed a mission where the hero explored a mountain in an attempt to discover what happened to the missing soldiers.

Game length

During the broadcast, it was also discussed how much time we will spend on completing Outriders. The creators revealed that it should take about 25-30 hours to complete the game with a single character. This time can be extended two or three times if we want to complete all challenges and side missions.

There will be no PvP battles in Outriders. However, the game will offer the so-called endgame, which will enable us to continue the fun after the end of the story campaign, where we will unlock new difficulty levels for the game world, increasing the strength of the enemies.

The Pyromancer class

During the broadcast, the Pyromancer, one of the character classes available in the game, was also revealed. As the name suggests, it will enable us to manipulate flames and energy of volcanoes. The characters of this type will specialize in medium-range combat against large groups of enemies thanks to access to a number of area-based attacks.


The broadcast also included a fragment devoted to the music in the game. It will be composed by Inon Zur, known for soundtracks for such games as Crysis, Fallout 4 or Dragon Age: Beginning.

Previous message:

Today, we will see the second stream dedicated to Outriders, TPP shooter with RPG elements, developed by People Can Fly. The event is a part of the initiative announced in May, in which the devs promised regular summaries, revealing further materials and information about the project

The broadcast will start today at 9 AM PT. The show is titled Beyond the Frontier. During the show we will see new locations and get to know the details of the Pyromancer class and additional details about game mechanics.

As a reminder, Outriders is coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and will be released later this year.

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