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News video games 20 September 2022, 12:38

author: Adam Adamczyk

Omega Strikers Trainings Tips and What Are They?

Omega Strikers is praised, among other things, for its character progression options. In this guide you will learn a bit about training and efficient builds.

Source: Steam | Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers is quickly gaining popularity, and it's hardly surprising. The game offers fast and exciting gameplay, several interesting characters to choose from, and the ability to create a variety of builds that affect your play style. In this guide you will learn, what are trainings and what builds are worth choosing for given characters.


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Workouts in Omega Strikers

In the game we can choose from three training presets. These are Goalie, which is a goalkeeper, Forward, and Flex, which stands for a character who plays both defense and offense. To set the training for a particular character, simply go to the main menu and click on the user name. A screen will then appear where you can select one of three styles for your character.

Trainings for characters

Admittedly, the style of play should be dictated by the player's personal preferences, but nevertheless, some characters are better suited to the role of goalkeeper, while others are more suited to an offensive style of play.

  1. Asher (Goalie) - this character to an excellent goalkeeper. He is moderately suitable for scoring goals, but is characterized by good defensive abilities. In some cases, Asher can defend using the Dash ability, which, used by an experienced player, is very effective. The main skill works well for attacking opponents, so he can also prove himself under his own goal.
  2. Atlas (Goalie) - is another good goalkeeper. One of his main advantages is the ability to resurrect comrades, so you can nullify the offensive efforts of the opposing team. However, keep in mind that his ability takes a long time to recharge, so it's a good idea to use it right away when needed.
  3. Drek'Ar (Forward) - most players choose the role of a forward for this character, and it's hardly surprising, since Drek'Ar excels in offensive actions. He is effective at scoring goals, but is even better at attacking opponents.
  4. Dubu (Goalie) - is another very effective goalkeeper. He is a character of considerable size and interesting offensive skills. One of them is Slam, with which you can stop the ball, making it impossible for opponents to hit it for a while.
  5. Era (Forward) - the skills of this character are perfect for offensive play. Era is effective at scoring goals, and her Shrink Ray ability allows her to shrink and slow down her opponents, making them much less of a threat to the rest of the team.
  6. Estelle (Flex) - although she is very popular as a goalie, this character's skills make her a very good choice for both offensive and defensive style of play. It's worth using the Crossover ability, which accelerates the character by 35% after hitting the ball.
  7. Juliette (Flex) - is another very versatile character. She has a good defensive skill and one that is effective in scoring goals. If you prefer a style of play based on throwing opponents off the field, it is worth using a combination of Dash and Punch.
  8. Juno (Forward) - is a very effective attacker who can use slime to weaken opponents. An experienced player will also use this skill to bounce the ball to score a goal.
  9. Kai (Flex) - this character is often set in the role of a goalie, but thanks to offensive skills such as Rapid Fire, he can be successfully used as a striker. The Crossover skill, which accelerates him by 35% after he hits the ball, makes him a very effective goalie.
  10. Luna (Flex) - players who decide to choose Luna very often choose her for the role of a striker, focusing mainly on attacking opponents. The Heavy Handed skill increases the character's strength when attacking opponents.
  11. X (Forward) - this is a very often recommended character for novice players, being perfect for the role of an attacker. Thanks to his good use of offensive skills, X is readily chosen as a character whose job is to hunt for goals.
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