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News video games 26 March 2020, 15:03

author: Czarus

Player Replaces All Enemies in Sekiro With the Final Boss

One Reddit user decided to raise the difficulty level of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to the impossible and shared a recording of the experience. For obvious reasons, people who are afraid of spoilers regarding the identity of their final opponent in the game are asked to close their eyes while reading the following material.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is known for its relatively low level of difficulty. Or at least that's what Reddit user Kahei_X had to think, when he shared a video in which all the opponents in the game were replaced by the final boss, Isshin.

Will somebody tell me which button do I have to push to land?

This was made possible by using the Sekiro Enemy and Item Randomizer mod available on Nexus Mods. It enables us to replace opponents and items - this is certainly useful for those who know the game by heart. Kahei_X has used the "Oops! All", which replaces all enemies with a single type.

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