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News video games 10 March 2022, 15:34

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

PlayStation Doomed? Analyst Predicts Collapse

According to Michael Pachter, PlayStation is doomed to fail. The analyst predicts the demise of the brand within 10 years.

  • According to analyst Michael Pachter, PlayStation will disappear from the market within 10 years;
  • As a major factor, he points to being too far behind Microsoft;
  • The main reason is to be much more modern business model of the Redmond giant.

PlayStation 5 is doing really well. There is no shortage of people willing to buy the console, and reviews about it are generally positive.

However, this does not mean that there is no shortage of people who have a completely different opinion about Sony's device. One of them is Michael Pachter, an industry analyst working for Wedbush Securities.

PlayStation is bound to die?

Despite recent acquisitions and success, PlayStation is doomed to die, according to Pachter. In the RDX podcast the analyst allowed himself to make a bold claim that in the next ten years this family of consoles will completely disappear from the market.

This is due to the alleged backwardness compared to Microsoft. Game Pass is supposed to prove that the Redmond giant has a much more modern business model than Sony.

Microsoft is to have a very large advantage over the Japanese company. This distance is said to be so great that, according to Pachter, the gap can no longer be closed.

Is it worth believing Pachter?

Pachter seems to be confident and is not afraid to use really strong words. However, it's hard to say whether we should trust him.

The idea that PlayStation could simply disappear from the market seems downright crazy. However, the analyst is known for his bold hypotheses, which do not always come true.

A few years ago, he claimed that Nintendo Switch has no chance to conquer the market. The salvation for the company would be to devote all resources to the advertisement of the Lite version, which according to Pachter was its only hope.

After time, we know how wrong that statement was. The same may be true of the theory regarding the imminent death of PlayStation.

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