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News video games 26 July 2021, 12:55

author: Gacek

PlayStation Home Will Return? Sony Renewed Trademark of PS3 Era Service

Sony has again renewed the PlayStation Home trademark. Does this mean the return of the PS3 era network service on the consoles of the Japanese corporation?

PlayStation Home is an online service that usewd to be available on the PS3. It involved decorating our apartment and meeting with friends in a virtual space. Unfortunately, the project was shut down in 2015. However, now Sony is once again up to something with the brand. As reported by Reddit user Thorites, on July 21, 2021 the Japanese corporation once again renewed the trademark of the service, which will be active until October 2028.

What could this mean? Corporations often renew their trademarks, and Sony has not issued any official statement, so for now these are just speculations. Something could be up, though. This is another time in a few months that there is some movement around the brand. Redditor Thorites has been looking into the matter for some time now and has also noticed that the developers once responsible for PS Home are looking for staff to develop a new online project.

PlayStation Home Will Return? Sony Renewed Trademark of PS3 Era Service - picture #1

It's also worth noting that PlayStation VR 2, the next version of the VR goggles from Sony, was recently announced. And if the two projects have something in common? The Japanese corporation may want to simultaneously advertise two products - a new device and PS Home.

Are you waiting for a refreshed version of Sony's service? Or perhaps you think that the return of this brand would not make much sense?

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

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