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News video games 21 September 2018, 23:52

author: Maiman

PlayStation Now allows you to download PlayStation 4 games

PlayStation Now will support downloading "almost all" PlayStation 4 titles, Sony announced. What this means is... free multiplayer. And other pleasant changes.

The future is in the cloud – and now also on your hard drive. Sony announced that its in-house cloud gaming and streaming service, PlayStation Now, is getting a huge update. Starting this week, PlayStation 4 games and PlayStation 2 remasters will become available for download. This will allow you to play either offline or locally, and also to keep all your progress and transfer it between systems.

PlayStation Now allows you to download PlayStation 4 games - picture #1
I’ve never seen a cloud so colorful.

Now, this is what covering the $19.99 PlayStation Now monthly subscription will get you:

  • ability to download any game you want (coming later this week), store it, and stream it anytime you want;
  • game library filled with “almost all PlayStation 4 games”;
  • lineup of PlayStation 2 remasters;
  • collection of PlayStation 3 games as well;
  • ability to play offline. You only need to get online once every few days, so that Sony can check whether your subscription expired or not;
  • PlayStation Plus-free multiplayer. No additional subscription is thus required to have fun with your friends.
PlayStation Now allows you to download PlayStation 4 games - picture #2
Improbable as it seems, Kratos was a pretty young lad back in the day.

The game library, you can imagine, is huge – we’re talking Bloodborne, God of War 3 Remastered, Until Down and more. Any progress you make during your streaming or offline sessions can be easily transferred to your console (this is where cloud magic comes into play). Keep checking out the official PlayStation blog to be there when the update – and all the downloadable content – drops.

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