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News hardware & software 23 May 2019, 16:53

author: Conrad Hazi

Prices of Two AMD Navi GPUs Leaked

Sapphire representative happened to reveal prices of two announced Navi-based graphics cards. The prices are higher than previously announced. The cards are also not supposed to offer hardware support for ray tracing.

Prices of Two AMD Navi GPUs Leaked - picture #1
AMD Navi cards will be priced similarly to competitive Nvidia cards.

In a statement to the Chinese press, Sapphire's representative revealed the prices of two cards based on Navi architecture, which AMD is working on. The first one - Radeon Navi Pro RX 3070 - will cost 399 dollars and will be the performance equivalent of GeForce RTX 2060, while the Radeon Navi XT RX 3080 will cost 499 dollars and will compete with the RTX 2070. However, the presented prices are slightly higher than previously announced.

Navi without hardware ray tracing support?

During the conversation it was also stated that Navi architecture will not offer hardware support for ray tracing. This may play a significant role in comparing cards from Nvidia and AMD at the same price level. Rumours that a "Big Navi" card with over 5,000 stream processors is being prepared have been denied.

Prices of Two AMD Navi GPUs Leaked - picture #2
This is how AMD plans for the near future look like.

Sapphire representative also confirmed that Navi cards will most likely debut on 7th July and will be presented for the first time on 27th May by AMD president Lisa Su at Computex.

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