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News video games 16 June 2022, 09:58

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Raft Gets Final Chapter Update; Game Has 174k Reviews on Steam

In a few days Raft, a sandbox game created by the independent studio Redbeet Interactive, will receive a patch introducing many interesting improvements to the game.

On the official twitter profile of Raft the devs posted an information (which you can see below) that on June 20, the survival game, in early access since 4 years, will receive the latest and biggest update to date, called - The Final Chapter.


Raft was released in 2018 on PC and the action is shown from a first-person perspective (FPP). During the gameplay (single- or multiplayer), the player assumes the role of a castaway who wakes up on a small raft drifting on the ocean, equipped only with a plastic hook. To survive, they must first find something to eat and drink, and then get the raw materials they need to expand his wooden shelter.

Patch The Final Chapter - Improvements:


With the release of this patch, the sandbox will receive a refreshed storyline from which unnecessary threads and characters have been removed and a story enriching gameplay experience has been added instead.


Players will have the opportunity to process, among other things, planks and plastic into scrap cubes that can be used as currency in trading posts. In exchange for this valuable metal, our characters will be able to obtain cooking ingredients, equipment, clothing and other gadgets necessary for survival.


The update will also include a number of elements that Raft players would expect from the developer. New islands, machines and building parts will be put into their hands (via Techraptor).

Below, for all interested, we provide footage from the upcoming update to Reedbeet Interactive's work.

So if you feel like having a good time with the game, which has received as many as 174 thousand reviews (162 thousand of which are positive comments) on Steam then Raft will most likely provide you with plenty of it.

For those interested:



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