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News video games 29 January 2020, 15:46

author: Patrick Manelski

Rumors from Blizzard: Battle for Azeroth was Shafted due to Deadlines and Pressure From Top

Problems with the latest patch 8.3 for World of Warcraft reignited the discussion on the condition of Activision Blizzard and alleged problems in the studio. Latest rumors add fuel to the fire, claiming, for example, that crunch was responsible for the disastrous condition of patch 8.3.

If the reports about the situation in Blizzard are true, then World of Warcraft players have something to fear. The whole thing doesn't look good and black clouds are gathering over this MMORPG, namely unfinished content, rush and cuts. According to unconfirmed reports, employees flee the company and move to Riot Games. Polish YouTuber, Nexos, known for creating materials dedicated to World of Warcraft, has published an unusual video, in which he touches on the situation with the latest update, Visions of N'Zoth. Referring to his sources from Blizzard branch in Irvine, California, he claims that patch 8.3 did not really come out as Blizzard planned, and that the blame for everything lies in deadlines. In addition, we get a handful of other revelations, which shed some light on the situation in the company and the future of the game.

Let us emphasize once again that all the information that Nexos received comes from his anonymous source, working for Blizzard. The creator himself claims that he is unable to verify them, so it is necessary to approach them with the appropriate caution. However, these reports may raise a hair or two, as they are consistent with what we can currently see in the game and other information we can find on the web.

According to the source, the Battle for Azeroth expansion is much shorter due to a huge number of delays. Blizzard didn't have the time to add the planned novelties, so the whole thing had to be cut down and some of the content simply thrown away. We are talking about as much as 40% of the planned content begin shafted, which finally did not appear in the 8.3 update. For the same reason we will not get the 8.3.5 patch, because there is simply no time for it.

Pressure from the top also meant that the updates were not checked and corrected well enough, and as a result, players had to deal with many bugs and shortcomings. The patch itself was supposed to look completely different, and the ending of the story was also supposed to make more sense.


According to the source:

  1. Battle for Azeroth is shorter because there were many delays during the development;
  2. Patch 8.3.5 was dropped because the studio had no time to prepare it;
  3. As many as 40% of content was removed from patch 8.3;
  4. The pressure from superiors caused patch 8.3 to be released too early (without thorough testing), which resulted in a lot of issues;
  5. Patch 8.3 was supposed to look completely different and provide a better ending to Battle for Azeroth.
  6. The failure of patch 8.3 is a bad sign for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion;
  7. Several graphic artists were supposed to leave Blizzard because they did not feel appreciated and their works were thrown away.

The problems with Visions of N'Zoth will also translate into the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. According to reports, Blizzard will probably shorten the work on it, so we'll get regular, smaller updates with content, but we'll get a trimmed version for release. Other options include cutting out part of the content or delaing the release. It is possible that the latest expansion will debut later than planned.

The situation in the company itself is also not optimistic. According to the source, some of the visual artists have left Blizzard's ranks because their works are being thrown away. Other employees are moving to Riot Games - some of them were already supposed to work on the latest cinematic trailer to League of Legends. In addition, a lot of people are announcing that if pressure from the top in the company continues, even more employees will leave Blizzard.

Time will show how the situation will develop and how many of the reports will turn out to be true. The best proof will be the condition of Shadowlands, which will appear later this year.

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