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News video games 03 December 2020, 16:59

author: Adrian Werner

Sea of Thieves Follows the Trend and Introduces Season Pass

Rare informed about changes in the development model of Sea of Thieves. A new season is to start every quarter, during which fresh elements will be introduced to the game. There will also be an opportunity to buy a season pass.

  • Further development of Sea of Thieves will take place in seasons,
  • The first season will start in January 2021,
  • Each season will offer new content, events and additional prizes,
  • With the first season, an additional progression system will also appear,
  • The devs have finished the development of Arena Mode and will devote their attention only to Adventure Mode.

Recently, a season-based game development model has become very popular, in which instead small, frequent updates, we receive so-called seasons, introducing big changes in larger intervals. The latest game that will follow this trend will be Sea of Thieves.

Rare informed that the devs will abandon monthly updates - December will be the last month to follow this formula. From next year Sea of Thieves will switch to a new development mode, with new seasons starting every quarter. The first one will launch as early as January 2021 and enable players to unlock a hundred levels of Pirate Renown. Virtually all activities in the game are to contribute to the development of this mechanic so that we always have a sense of progress, even if an expedition ends in failure.

Each season will also introduce something new to the game. The first one will offer an additional type of mission for the Merchant Alliance, where we will have to find a transport with lost goods. Moreover, the devs promise interesting events, additional prizes and general improvements.

All major season items will be unlocked through gameplay. However, obtaining them will be facilitated by buying a battle pass, called Plunder Pass in Sea of Thieves. Its owners will also receive several unique attractions.

The creators also have bad news for fans of the Arena mode, which will not be further developed. The developers explain that the users spend 97% of time in the Adventure Mode, so they want to focus on developing this variant of the game.

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