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News video games 26 November 2021, 13:50

author: Adrian Werner

Sifu Will Offer Only One Difficulty Level

Devs at Slocap announced that the action fighting game Sifu will not offer an option to choose the difficulty level.

The upcoming action game Sifu won't enable us to choose the difficulty level. This information was revealed by Sloclap dev Pierre Tarno in an interview with MP1st.

The devs want the failures in the game to be a valuable lesson, enabling the players to better understand the combat system and adapt to the challenges with every hour. After each death in Sifu our character will be resurrected, but the price for that will be his aging. So we get the opportunity to repeatedly approach the toughest sections, but each defeat will cost us dearly.

It should be added that the creators do not exclude that after the release they will introduce an option to choose difficulty level. Everything will depend on the reaction and suggestions of players.

It's worth mentioning that a few days ago new information about the gameplay mechanics in Sifu were released. At the beginning of the game our character will be 20 years old. He will have a magical amulet, which has the power to resurrect him. It will be powered by life force. However, what's interesting, the aging will not have a negative impact on the character's strength. On the contrary - the older the character, the stronger his attacks. Gradually he will also gain access to new skills. However, with each return from the afterlife the maximum number of life points will decrease.

The death mechanics in Sifu looks intriguing. You can read more about it in our recent message:

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The developers emphasize that it will be possible to complete the entire campaign without dying. Sifu was designed so that the game can be completed regardless of the protagonist's age. However, at some point, he will be too old to power the amulet, which is when the final death will await him.

Sifu is scheduled for release on PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and 5 on February 8, next year.

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