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News video games 23 August 2016, 11:35

author: luckie

Silent Hills-inspired Allison Road back on tracks

Here's good news for all those in mourning after the cancellation of Silent Hills-inspired game Allison Road. The works on the game have been resumed by its original developer.

The original developer of the Silent Hills-inspired first-person survival horror Allison Road has resumed work on the project after its would-be publisher Team 17 had surprisingly cancelled it in June. Not long after the cancellation, Christian Kesler made a couple of changes to the game’s story and flow, and decided to revive it. Together with his wife, Kesler started Far From Home studio and intends to finish Allison Road on his own – after all, the game began as a solo project before getting support from Team 17. About his early works Kesler told IGN:

For our gameplay trailer, I did all the modeling, texturing, shaders, lighting, etc., and thankfully a lot of the mechanics are already implemented from the previous development phase, so I can comfortably take the game forward by myself. If and when it comes to a point where new features and mechanics are required, or old ones need changing, I'll go look for support.

There is no knowing when Allison Road may be finished, but it is good to hear the game is still alive after all. The original plan was to release the title on PC and PlayStation 4. Allison Road has been first revealed in July 2015, and several months later its creators (under Lilith studio back then) decided to seek financial help on Kickstarter. However, the crowdfunding campaign was cancelled when the project found a publisher, Team 17. Perhaps now when the project is back on tracks the developer will try his chances on Kickstarter once again.

Allison Road

Allison Road

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