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News video games 22 September 2022, 13:02

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Solo Players Fear Daily Activities in Diablo 4

News about the content of Diablo 4 beta has caused concern among some players. Daily tasks or almost MMO-like mechanics are not what they expect from the next installment of the Diablo series.


In connection with the launch of the closed beta of Diablo 4 gamers can't help but speculate about what it will include. As informed by Blizzard, it's supposed to be endgame content, which doesn't please everyone, especially those playing solo.

Diablo is not an MMO... I think

Players will receive invitations to the beta on November 18, and what they will test will include events available after completing the main storyline. You can read more about it here, and a summary of what Blizzard will make available can be found below.

  1. Helltide - regional event. During it you will encounter more difficult opponents, which will drop cinders, to be used as currency. With them you will open the Helltide chests, containing loot.
  2. Nightmare Dungeons - requires finding Nightmare Sigil, which add modifiers to the underworld. Again, greater challenge = better loot.
  3. Whispers of the Dead - by collecting grim favors, you will be able to exchange them at the Tree of Whispers for items and experience. Whispers will change, and new activities are expected to appear daily.
  4. Fields of Hatred - PvP zones with the possibility of fighting demons, you will gain Seeds of Hatred on them. Then you will break them into Red Dust, for which you will buy ornaments and mounts for PvP.

There will also be Paragon Boards, where you will progress your character with the help of paragon points. Such an announcement did not please the players who are not fond of the MMO-like mechanics and would prefer to focus on solo gameplay even after completing the story.

Daily activities are a step too far

It is the possible daily "logging in" to the game that turns people away from Diablo 4. Although it's not supposed to be a requirement, players feel bad about the fact that for various reasons (not always up to them) they won't be able to complete quests, and thus will miss out on some of the fun.

"With a weekly/daily system, the most optimal way to play is to log in each day and play 2-3 hours. If you miss a day, you will lose progress. Want to play more than 3 hours in a day? Too bad, your progress is slowed down, better log in tomorrow. It's a crappy system that controls how you can engage in the game," wrote SwaghettiYolonese_..

There are more such voices, heck, there are even dedicated posts created entirely for this issue. Solo players simply don't want to feel forced to play.

"I understand that Diablo 4 has a huge world and I would like to be able to traverse it at my own pace and according to my own imagination. I would like to creatively come up with my own ways on how to be efficient in my progression and exploration," wrote _Duality_..

The best solution would be for beta testers to come to the same conclusions as SSF (solo self-found) players. Perhaps this would allow for some consensus between Blizzard and the community to be found on what the endgame should look like - time will tell how it will be in reality.

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