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News video games 10 May 2022, 12:26

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Songs of Conquest Just Like Heroes 3 - Screenshots Comparison

Songs of Conquest is just around the corner, at least as far as the early access version is concerned. On the eve of its release, we're checking if devs at Lavapotion has really taken a good look at the classic Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Songs of Conquest is advertised as the spiritual heir to the original Heroes of Might and Magic trilogy. It's a dream come true for fans disappointed with the latest installments of the latter. But does the work of the Swedish team Lavapotion really resemble the iconic games from over two decades ago? Below you can find screenshots comparing the refreshed third installment of Heroes and Songs of Conquest.

Songs of Conquest Just Like Heroes 3 - Screenshots Comparison - picture #1
Map comparison...
Songs of Conquest Just Like Heroes 3 - Screenshots Comparison - picture #2
Songs of Conquest Just Like Heroes 3 - Screenshots Comparison - picture #3
...and inventory screens in HoMM 3 HD (left) and Songs of Conquest (right).

When comparing the above screens, it's important to keep in mind not only the age separating the two games – although that's undoubtedly an important issue. HoMM 3 was released over 23 years ago, and the remaster (which is also old) was limited to purely cosmetic changes (better textures, higher resolution, etc).

Songs of Conquest may utilize a retro style full of large pixels, but the developer took care to add visual effects that can hardly be found in Heroes 3. Also, the interface had to be modernized in order not to scare players with visuals pulled straight from the 1990s. Despite this, the general characteristics of both games seem to be similar – battlefields divided into hexes, the perspective of the strategic map, the proportions of objects, the appearance of roads or forests, etc.

The comparison is somewhat hampered by the fact that we have limited material from Songs of Conquest. This will change after the early access release, but for now, the few official screenshots will have to cut it. It's also worth remembering that the main inspiration for the creators was not the third, but the second part of the HoMM series (although its age makes it even more difficult to compare it with newer games).

Finally, it should be noted that graphics are not everything: the similarities in gameplay are much more important. And these we will be able to fully assess only when the game lands in our hands. Songs of Conquest launches in Early Access on Steam on May 10, 2022.

Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest

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