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News video games 31 August 2022, 14:59

author: Adam Adamczyk

Sony and Tencent Invest in Elden Ring Devs

Sony and Tencent bought stock of FromSoftware. The total amount of the deal is impressive.


FromSoftware probably doesn't need to be introduced to anyone. The creators of such hits as Dark Souls or Elden Ring are revered for creating high-profile, immersive and, importantly, well-earning games. FromSoftware's recent streak has caught the attention of giants: Sony and Tencent. The companies have decided to buy part of the studio's stocks, which will certainly help the developer create more great games.

Sony and Tencent buy FromSoftware's stocks

From a business point of view, FromSoftware is a well-oiled money-making machine. This is confirmed by the sales success of Elden Ringa - it's worth remind that by the end of June the title had sold as many as 16.2 million copies. A possible sequel to this game or a completely new title will certainly meet with great interest from players. The boards of Sony and Tencent must have thought the same. Sony acquired 14.09% of stock, while Tencent-owned Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited bought 16.25%. The Kadokawa Group corporation remains the largest shareholder, with a 69.66% stake.

Opportunity for FromSoftware and hope for gamers

The deal is worth a total of about 36.4 billion yen, or more than $260 million U.S. dollars. Such a large sum will help the company continue to grow and create more hits. Given that one of the shareholders is Sony, it's safe to assume that more games from FromSoftware will always be available on PlayStation consoles on release day. In an official statement of the Kadokawa, the company writes:

"With an eye on further expansion of the Game Business, the Group recognizes the enhancement of capabilities for the creation, development and deployment of game IP as one of the Group’s highest priorities. In line with this policy, the Company has decided to have FromSoftware implement fund procurement by way of a Third-Party Allotment to Sixjoy and SIE, the scheduled allottees (...)."

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