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News video games 11 October 2021, 11:00

author: Adrian Werner

Google Play Flooded by Free Games Based on Squid Game; Some Reach 1 Million Downloads

Google Play was flooded by a wave of unofficial games based on the Squid Game series. The most popular of them was downloaded over a million times before it was removed.

The world has gone Squid Game crazy and this mania is also visible in video games. We've already written about the projects based on Netflix series, which are created in Roblox and mods for Minecraft. However, not only fans show such creativity. Mobile developers have also decided to take a slice of this 'hypecake'. And they do not mind not having the rights to the brand.

Over the past few days, a game called Squid Game Challange was very popular in Google Play, quickly exceeding one million downloads. However, the creators certainly did not obtain a license from Netflix, which seems to be confirmed by the fact that game has already been removed from distribution. Here's what it looked like:

The studio Supercent, which was responsible for the project, did not lay down its arms and quickly released a reworked version of the project, titled K-Games Challenge (also available on iOS). Elements characteristic for Squid Game were removed and the challenges themselves slightly reworked, but they are still based on the same ideas. For example, in "Red Light, Green Light" the appearance of the giant doll has been changed, and failure is punishable by death by electrocution rather than firing squad. We are curious how the game will cope after these modifications.

The example of Supercent does not discourage other mobile developers to try to capitalize on the success of the series. After typing the phrase "Squid Game" into the search engine on Google Play we get a flood of results and none of these apps seems to have a license to use this brand.

Many of these productions quickly became very popular. For example, Squid Game 3D, Squid Game : Tempered Glass and The Squid Game - Survival Challenge have already been downloaded 100 thousand times each, and SQUID GAME MOBILE - more than 50 thousand times.

All of these games are of very poor quality - clearly they were made in a few days to capitalize on the success of the series. However, this makes sense. Sooner or later the apps will be removed from Google Play, so there was no point in investing large resources in their creation.

  1. Netflix Squid Game project - official website

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