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News video games 09 October 2021, 21:48

author: Adrian Werner

Squid Game Recreated in Minecraft by Fans

Fans have created a map for Minecraft, recreating the challenges from Netflix's Squid Game.

Recent weeks in pop culture have belonged to Squid Game. So it's no surprise that Netflix's show inspired a lot of game fans as well. Recently we wrote that a lot of projects modeled on this hit have appeared in Roblox . Now we want to draw your attention to the analogous mod for Minecraft.

The map is simply titled Netflix Squid Game and was developed by a group of fans led by Destinoux. The mod recreates locations and challenges known from the series. All this, of course, was made in the "block" style characteristic for Minecraft but the gameplay mechanics reflect, and good, what we know from the TV original.

Netflix Squid Game is the most extensive project for Minecraft inspired by the series, but not the only one. Fans have developed a ton of skins recreating the now famous outfits from the TV show. The Squid game (RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT) was also released the day before yesterday, enabling you to take part in the eponymous challenge.

Given the popularity of the series, we expect that in the coming weeks we will see many more projects inspired by Squid Game for both Minecraft and Roblox as well as other games.

It seems that Netflix completely failed to predict how big a hit this series will become. The company has been aggressively investing in games for some time now, and the lack of any official adaptation of Squid Game seems like a missed opportunity for the streaming giant.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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