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News video games 22 July 2021, 14:25

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Stardew Valley Has a 'Secret' Convenience That was Overlooked by Players

Fans of Stardew Valley found out about the helpful feature thanks to a post from the game's developer. Funnily enough, this useful option related to the community center is not new at all.

It's no secret that many players love to search for secrets in video games, if only for the satisfaction (or fame) of discovering something carefully hidden by the creators. Sometimes, however, the community can miss out on "secrets" that are seemingly much easier to find. Apparently, this is the case with a small facilitation in Stardew Valley "revealed" recently by Eric Barone, and about which a large group of fans of this popular game apparently did not know.

In a post on Twitter, the game's creator left a useful hint about the Community Center, which enables us to earn valuable rewards in exchange for gifts in the form of certain items. The list of required donations is only available in the building itself, which forced players to visit it often (or write down a list). Meanwhile, Barone revealed a much faster way. Here's the thing - if you hover your cursor over the required donation, the community center icon will begin to blink.

This unusual notification is not a novelty. The creator is not sure when exactly he added this feature, but the official Stardew Valley wiki reveals that it happened in update 1.4, so in late 2019. Nevertheless, many Twitter users were apparently unaware of this feature - even those who have spent many, many hours in the game.

Of course, it's not a huge improvement that greatly simplifies the gameplay. Nevertheless, the community center serves a very important function in the first hours of gameplay, and - let's be honest - in the multitude of other activities available in Stardew Valley sometimes it's easy to forget what we have to donate at particular time. Especially after the release of the big update 1.5 on PC, which added the option to toggle random Bundles and attracted a lot of Steam users to the game.

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