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News special offers 13 August 2021, 16:39

author: Milosz Szubert

Dates of Upcoming Steam Sales Leaked

SteamDB revealed likely dates for upcoming Steam sales. They were extracted from the documentation of Steamworks, a set of tools and services designed for game developers and publishers.

Occasional sales to celebrate Halloween, Autumn and Winter on Steam are absolutely nothing new. This year we can also expect them. When specifically? Information on this subject was discovered on SteamDB. Here are the dates on which the sales in question will take place, based on data contained in the documentation of Steamworks, a set of tools and services designed for developers and publishers of games:

  1. Halloween Sale 2021: October 28 - November 1;
  2. Autumn Sale 2021 (and nominations for Steam Awards).: November 24-30;
  3. Winter Sale 2021 (and voting for Steam Awards): December 22 - January 5.

Admittedly, these dates have yet to be officially confirmed, but given where they come from, they seem very likely. So for those looking to expand their game collections, there's nothing left to do but be patient and wait for the start of the upcoming promotions.

  1. Steam - official website

Milosz Szubert

Milosz Szubert

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