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News hardware & software 17 July 2021, 21:43

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Steam Deck Targeted by Scalpers; Prices Reach $2500

Valve has been trying to protect Steam Deck from scalpers. Unfortunately, the company is losing this battle, and the first offers with significantly inflated prices have already appeared online.

  • First Steam Deck offers from scalpers have appeared on the web;
  • They appear despite the security measures adopted by Valve;
  • Prices can exceed $2000.

With the reveal of Steam Deck, Valve drew attention to a serious problem. The company has decided to protect its hardware from scalpers by introducing a number of restrictions, such as the ability to reserve only one console per account and a small down payment. Unfortunately, we already know that Valve's actions were equal to chasing shadows.

Offers to sell Steam Deck at greatly inflated prices are already available on eBay. The weakest variant of the console can reach a price of almost $800. Version with the largest disk capacity costs up to $1800. Sometimes we can also see extremely absurd prices like $2500, which testify to the optimism of sellers. Amounts that can be found on Steam are $399, $529 and $649.

Currently, however, it is difficult to find any reason to buy Steam Deck from scalpers. The console from Valve can still be preordered from the official source, which offers much lower prices. However, the offers of online entrepreneurs may be aimed at residents of regions other than the U.S., Canada, the UK and the European Union. For now, the device can be reserved only in these areas.

Consolation may come from the fact that currently there's no too many scalper offers in the web. So for now they are unable to affect the situation of ordinary players who can order Steam Deck directly from the manufacturer.

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